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Gemstone globe tabletop 33 cm lapis blue wooden tripod
Gemstone globe tabletop 33 cm lapis blue wooden tripod

310.00 €

Gemstone globe tabletop 33 cm blue sky single leg gold finish
Gemstone globe tabletop 33 cm blue sky single leg gold finish

295.00 €

Gemstone globe tabletop 22 cm white single leg gold finish
Gemstone globe tabletop 22 cm white single leg gold finish

210.00 €

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Across the world and for thousands of years, stones have fascinated mankind.

That is the reason why now there is the Gemmoglobe® gemstone globe

The earth is full of various gems and each country sets its minerality!

The object is exposed to the eyes and touch!

We can send the products to many countries, don't hesitate to check the list in the information pages


Just like the world

In the course of the centuries it has been given to gems many powers (magic, science, therapy) and if some of them, by their curiosity and their beauty, became "precious stones", it is not less true that all others gemstone  have value because the material is noble, nice, coloured, bright and always original. Today even, in China, these jewels of nature are sharpened, polished and went up on globe according to the rules of an ancestral Art, heir of a multiancient history. The World is a bit the reflexion of this mineral, manifold, collusive nature of plays of light playing its veins and transparences, where every continent and country has its own personality. No stone, or blade of the same stone, has the same sound!

Except for the mechanical parts (spindles, axles and stand) GemmoGlobe ® is completely handmade. Every GemmoGlobe ® is an unique gemstone globe. It is a true work of art, testifying a rare delicacy of execution.Of the cut of gems in fine blades up to the last finishing, pose of parallels and meridians, before the polishing which will give all its brightness to GemmoGlobe ®, it is an incredible workmanship which expresses itself and presents itself to admiring looks of all. Each country is represented by various hand-carved gemstones, all set in oceans.

Integrated horizon ring and ornamental compass provide the perfect setting for the exquisite globe with a scale of the circle from 15 to 15 degrees (compass on series of Ø 15, 22 and 33 cm

The range

GemmoGlobe ® declines in a complete range, from 8 to 33 cm in diameters, simple bowl for paperweight or mounted on single, 3-leg or 4-leg stand. In tabletop models for desk or in majestic floor models, with his seas and oceans blue lapis or turquoise, white howlite or green malachite, black onyx or yellow jasper and until sublime mother-of-pearl, GemmoGlobe ® has his place in any inside.  In Wall map it is exposed as a picture, master's true work where the artist is…nature!

                                                          Tradition and modernity

It is pleasant to note that some know-how is transmitted from a generation to another and is perpetuated. The use, today, of sanding machine or electrical polish machine does not reduce the value of the job of these artists. On the contrary, liberating them from the most ungrateful part of job, the craftsmanship becomes more expert in his art and maestria.

Gemmoglobes tabletop, mounted
on 4-leg stand  gold or silver finish ;
Yellow jasper or blue lapis ocean;
diameters of 15, 22 and
33 cm.

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