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» » » 2 circles abalone mother-of-pearl earrings

2 circles abalone mother-of-pearl earrings

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2 circles abalone mother-of-pearl earrings

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3 circles abalone mother-of-pearl earrings

Pair of earrings in abalone mother-of-pearl, abalone shell. The earrings are made of 2 circles of different diameter. The length is about 4cm. Two mother-of-pearl are cut and glued for each of the circles so that each side is mother-of-pearl.


This beautiful piece of jewelry from the Bijoux Pacifique ® collection is the result of cutting and polishing an abalone shell otherwise called sea opal or sea ear. Most of our mother-of-pearl come from New Zealand where we call the abalone "Paua".


The exoskeleton (shell) of the paua is oval, the outside being covered with gray encrustations. Inside, mother-of-pearl is an iridescent mix of several colors, including green, blue, purple, and sometimes pink.


Depending on the shape and the way the abalone mother-of-pearl is shaped, the resulting jewel will create iridescent reflections of bluish mother-of-pearl. These reflections will be different depending on the exposure to light.


Note that this piece of Bijoux Pacifique © is handcrafted and the indications given (weight, dimension) may vary slightly from one piece to another. The photographs presented are contractual and taken by us on our own pieces.


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3 circles abalone mother-of-pearl earrings

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