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We have selected a collection of jewelry, Bijoux Pacifique ©, to help you discover the originality of abalone mother-of-pearl (abalone).   Aba...
Terms and Conditions



The offer of the present electronic boutique is proposed by Ab@lone Consulting company.

The web site is the property of Ab@lone Consulting SARL.

The present general terms of sale apply to mail order performed by Ab@lone Consulting.
These sales are subjected to french legal provisions and regulation of the mail order.

The client is defined as being the legal or physical entity accepting the present general terms of sale.

The client admits being perfectly informed about the general terms of sales which he accepts without restriction and without reservation. At simple request he can get a print form.

• Identification of the society:

Ab@lone Consulting

2 avenue de Tournan
N°SIRET: 479 107 823 00029
Fax : (33) 01 60 64 20 37
E mail :

• Presentation of the essential characteristics of property and offered services.

Indication of complete price to pay property and services offered in Euro, All taxes included for the countries of the European Union. Indicated prices do not include participation at the shipping costs.

• Indication of the modalities of payment, of delivery or of execution

• Lasted of validity of offer and of price.

The client admits having, prior to the signing of order, acquainted himself with all aforementioned information and general terms of sale. He besides declares to have the legal capacity to get involved as the present general terms.

1 - object

The present general terms of sale have as object to define rights and obligations of parts concerning remote sales of products offered in the present electronic boutique by Ab@lone Consulting.

2-Fields of application

The present general terms of sale apply to all our sales of products.

Fact to place us order implicates whole membership, on behalf of purchaser, and unconditionally in our general terms of sale.

No particular condition can, except written definite acceptance of our part, predominate against our general terms of sales. Any opposite condition put down by the purchaser will be we therefore inopposable failing acceptance express of our part.

3 – Development of agreement

Orders are definitely accepted only when it were confirmed in writing by the seller or carried out by him (product shipping).

An order become final cannot be cancelled, otherwise the entirety of the price of products will be invoiced to the purchaser and immediately owed.

4 - Contractual documents

The present contract is formed of the following documents:

the present general terms of sale
the order form

Photographs, sketches and texts illustrating products introduced on the Site do not enter the contractual field. If errors or impairments resulting from the treatment of these photographs got there, the responsibility of Ab@lone Consulting will be able, under no circumstances be hired by this fact.

5 - Catch of order

Orders can be performed by post mail or via the Internet site

Electronic orders sent by Internet engage the client from the electronic dispatch. The client validates his order when he speeds link up "to Validate my order" on the page endowed with this effect.

Ab@lone Consulting confirms order by E-mail; this confirmation takes back all elements of order.

Data recorded then by Ab@lone Consulting constitute the proof of nature, of contents and of date of order. This one is archived and the client can achieve this archiving by contacting the customer service:

 Any order implicates membership unconditionally on the present conditions. Order will be accepted only within the limits of the available supplies.


6 - Products

Products are offered in sale up to exhaustion of the supply. If one of the products was not available in supply, offer remains however valid, subject to the availability of this product at the supplier. In case of order of a product become unavailable, the client will be informed about this unavailability, as soon as possible by E-mail.

7 - Prices

Prices appearing on the site are indicated in euro, all taxes included, except shipping costs. Shipping costs are supported by client, and will be clearly indicated before the validation of order.

The Ab@lone Consulting company reserves the right to change its prices any time but the ordered products are invoiced to price existing during the recording of the order, subject to typographical error, to problem linked to the computer system (bug during order) or of a possible change of the French rate of VAT.

The Ab@lone Consulting company reserves the right to cancel any order of a client with whom there would be a litigation, present or previous.

The applicable prices are those shown on, when the order is made.

8 - Payment

The payment of order is cash, payable at the time of the signing of order. No order will be treated without being accompanied with its payment. Payments, by credit card Visa or Mastercard, swift, money order or else by means of the system PAYPAL are accepted   . The client admits having the capacity and the permission to use the method of payment which he chose. The client can announce on the (scrambled) secured site the information concerning method of payment to speed up the management of order.

Ab@lone Consulting will be able to cancel an ongoing order if the payment did not reach in 15 days after validation of order.

Any delay or default in payment of sums due to Ab@lone Consulting will be able to take interests, on the initiative of Ab@lone Consulting, automatically and by right, in the lawful rate of interest in force increased by two points.

9 - Default in payment – Retention of title

The ordered products remain the property of Ab@lone Consulting up to the final and entire payment of their price in accordance with the terms of law n°80 335 of May 12th, 1980. Ab@lone Consulting reserves the right to demand products ordered in case of default in payment. In this hypothesis and at first request of Ab@lone Consulting, the client promises to restore products.

10 Delivery

Delivery is made at address indicated in the sent order form made by the client. This one will be performed by post in Colissimo or other freight forwarder. Delivery will be only sent after reception of the payment in its entirety. Products bought on are delivered only in the countries indicated in information pages .

For any product available in supply, the delivery time depends on the country were it is forwarded (between 3 to 7 days).  Products are delivered at the address indicated on the order form.

In case of delays, damage, complete or partial losses, or of some other problem, it is up to the client to exercise any appeal to the conveyor without the responsibility of Ab@lone Consulting being able ever to be implicated.

So, during delivery, Ab@lone Consulting recommends to the client to undertake the observation of the state of products delivered before signing the acknowledgement of receipt of the package.

For information only, the sheet afterwards takes back the rates of transport which we apply:







0 - 0,50 kg

5,85 €

10,00 €

15,00 €

20,00 €

0,51 - 1 kg

8,36 €

13,00 €

17,00 €

22,00 €

1,1 - 2 kg

8,36 €

15,50 €

19,00 €

25,00 €

2,1 - 5 kg

15,05 €

29,50 €

27,50 €

34,00 €

5,1 - 7 kg

18,39 €

37,50 €

32,00 €

44,00 €

7,1 - 9 kg

18,39 €

47,00 €

37,00 €

50,00 €

9,1 - 10 kg

18,39 €

50,00 €

45,00 €

57,00 €

10,1 - 15 kg

25,08 €

79,50 €

53,00 €

69,00 €

15,1 - 25 kg

33,44 €

122,50 €

69,00 €

80,00 €

25,1 - 30 kg

33,44 €

149,00 €

79,00 €

150,00 €

30,1 - 50 kg

50,16 €









Rate 1: France, Andorra, Monaco


Rate 2: (OM) Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Meeting, Mayotte, St Pierrre and Miquelon

Rate 3: European Union, Norway



Rate 4: Eastern Europe (except EU), Maghreg (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia)






In rate 2 add 7 € Ht of expenses of handling and administrative.


In rate 3 and 4 add 5 € Ht of expenses of handling and administrative.


Withdrawal of products in case of absence of the client. In case of absence of the addressee during delivery, the forwarder will deposit a calling card at delivery pointed out by the client. Products will have to be withdrawn at address and according to modalities pointed out by the forwarder.

In case of not withdrawal for the delays allowed by the forwarder, products will have to be brought back to Ab@lone Consulting which reserves the right to reimburse it the price of products, the expenses of shipping being payable by the client.

11 - Claims

Claims for not compliance of products delivered with order will have to be directly formulated in writing to Ab@lone Consulting and it immediately during reception. The client must keep the packing and the delivery slip.

In case of error on the product, the client promises to turn aforementioned product or products concerned within 7 days according to their reception with Ab@lone Consulting under condition that these are returned without opening of their conditioning, in their state and packing of origin with documents accompanying him.

On receiving of the product in due form, Ab@lone Consulting will return, to its expenses, the initially ordered product.

12 - Guarantee

To avoid any inconvenience products are proved by Ab@lone Consulting before their expedition. In any case, the sold products benefit from lawful guarantee against hidden vices envisaged by articles 1641 and following of the French Civil code.

For the implementation of guarantee, the client turns the product with Ab@lone Consulting in his expenses by reaching with it the original of the bill. The product will be exchanged for a product identical and addressed to the client at the expense of Ab@lone Consulting, safe in case of break of supplies or disappearance of the product of the offered range. In this last hypothesis, Ab@lone Consulting will undertake the refund of the price of the product to the client.

13 - Information of names – personal data

Information of names asked the client is necessary for the treatment and the process of orders, the establishment of bills and possible contracts of guarantee. For these aims, this information will be able to be announced to the contractual partners of Ab@lone Consulting.

Les informations nominatives demandées au client sont indispensables pour le traitement et l'acheminement des commandes, l'établissement des factures et d'éventuels contrats de garantie. A ces fins, ces informations pourront être communiquées aux partenaires contractuels d’Ab@lone Consulting.

The client can oppose to such communication and in accordance with law “Computer science and freedom ” (law of January 6th, 1978), he has a right of access, of modification, of correction and of abolition of the data which concern him by contacting Ab@lone Consulting, 2 avenue de Tournan, 77150 Lésigny, Fax 01 60 64 20 37.

14 - Intellectual property

All texts, comments, works, illustrations and pictures reproduced on the site are reserved as copyright as well as intellectual property and for the whole world. In this title and in accordance with the dispositions of the Code of Intellectual Property, only use for an usage deprived subject to different dispositions or even more limitative of the code of intellectual property. Quite other use is constituting of counterfeiting and punished as Intellectual Property except prior permission of Ab@lone Consulting.

Consequently, partial or complete reproduction, whatever support it is, elements composing the site and the catalogue, their use as well as their provision of third is officially forbidden.

15 - Competent jurisdiction in case of litigation

In case of litigations relating to interpretation or to execution of the bill of sale, the Court dealing with trade disputes of Paris will be the competent only one

Orders are subjected to French law. Contractual information is introduced in French language and products offered in sale comply with French regulation.


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