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» » Gemstone globe tabletop 33 cm pink sand 3-legs stand crome plated finish

Gemstone globe tabletop 33 cm pink sand 3-legs stand crome plated finish

Reference -3PB-33-C-SABLER
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Gemstone globe tabletop 4-legs stand crome plated finish 33 cm diameter pink sand ocean

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The gemstone globe Marco Polo features oceans and seas in red sand color. It is one of the most beautiful pieces in the Gemmoglobe range. The globe diameter is 13” (33cm), it is fixed in a golden graduated all 15 degrees and on a four-leg crome plated finish stand. The globe is presented here in its most classic form and rotates in its axis. A compass is set into the base of the stand.


The gemstone globe requires dozens of hours of craftsmanship. The main steps in its manufacture are as follows: cutting stones into thin blades, cutting blades to the size of the countries, setting up on the support (a hollow resin globe) checking, cutting and crimping meridians, surfacing,calligraphy of names, lacquer bath for fixing, surface polishing and introduction of the axes and pivots to mount on base.


More than 25 different stones are used to make the gemstone globe. Each fine stone or gemstone  is used according to its shape and size optimally from the desired template before cutting and use this "random" stones makes it unique and authentic world. The gemstones are individually cut to exacting, interlocking country shapes, polished, and set with care and attention to adjacencies.


The globe is compressed in two half polystyrene wrapped and packed in a carton (19” x 19” x 21”).
Its weight is 20 lbs (excluding packaging).


The gemstone globe Marco Polo tabletop, desktop find its place in many parts of your home. It is a beautiful object of decoration, original and refined to put on a shelf (notice carefully the diameter), a desk, a table, a window, a nightstand, a table in a classic or contemporary style.

The variety of colors and hues of ocean we propose offers several possibilities so that each model find a place of choice at home or at the home of the person to whom you could offer it.

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