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» » Gemstone fountain pen ball pen mother of pearl ocean

Gemstone fountain pen ball pen mother of pearl ocean

Reference -STYL-NACRE
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Gemstone fountain pen ball mother of pearl ocean

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Fountain pen ball planisphere of Mother of Pearl. The  indispensable element of the office.

For the realisation of this fountain pen of the artisans cut finely some quartz and jasper pieces, set them up on the support, up and set meridians. After a calligraphie to point continents out, a lacquer bath and a surface polishing ended the part.

Many hours of craft employment are needed to accomplish this fountain pen, stones (quartz, jasper and other gems) used for its manufacture are it in an unpredictable way what makes it unique and authentic.

The fountain pen ball planisphere is ipresented and delivered in a case (18 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm) of 100 grammes.

Its weight is 40 grammes (except packing).

The fountain pen ball planisphere gemmoglobe is in universal usage. It is a magnificent gift idea and a pleasure for the one who has it or who gives it. Original by his consistency, nice to use, rather heavy in hand, it is an unique and fine fountain pen.

Reloads are classical, of type Parker. It is delivered in black ink.

The variety of shades of oceans that we propose gives you a broad choice to re-lay and to fit to your style.

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